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Logitech MX Sound bluetooth speakers review

Logitech’s MX sound offers users the simplicity of bluetooth in a trendy design to improve your listening experience whilst still maintaining a neat and tidy desk.

It’s hard not to love the Logitech MX Sound’s design. The unique circular shape of each speaker, each outlined with a silver accent ring and covered with high-end fabric, make them look sleeker and less chunky.

At 6.30 x 6.30 inches, it’s also the perfect size for a desktop set-up, and its 3.28-inch thickness only makes it even more ideal and easily able to be placed on all desktops without taking up too much desk real estate.

The MX Sound does boast a nice little treat that is also super useful: the backlit touch controls on the right speaker are motion-activated. They automatically light up as soon as they sense movement and turn off after a few seconds of inactivity. These controls are sensitive so that a light touch is all it takes to turn the volume up/down and activate the Bluetooth for pairing – nice work Logitech.

There is also an automatic standby mode that’s activated after 20 minutes of inactivity in order to save power, meaning, you won’t need to click the off switch button!

There are three controls—the Bluetooth button and two volume buttons. The controls are located right on the front of the right speaker behind the fabric cover. Since the speakers are so light at 1.77kg, they are made to respond to the lightest touch so that you don’t push the speaker out of place every time you adjust or pair a Bluetooth device.

These bad boys can also be paired with up to two devices at once, which eliminates the need to disconnect and reconnect different devices multiple times. New earphones have this feature, so it’s good to see this implemented on speakers also.

The MX Sound’s setup is fairly simplistic, there’s instructions on the box (no paper instructions), just 4 steps listed on the box flap.

Connect the power cord to the right speaker, connect the left and right speakers with the speaker cable, choose your output, and plug it in. Easy as 123.. 4!

Ensure that the speakers are three inches away from the computer, as recommended by Logitech.

There are three inputs: Bluetooth as well as PC and Aux jacks you’ll find in the back of the right speaker. The headphone jack serves is the only available output to save you needing to plugin to your PC directly if it’s hard to access.

The MX Sound produces a very well balanced sound, with great mids and highs and a decent enough bass for their small form factor. When it goes loud, it also does well to stop further distortion.

The L and the R are separated well making these a good option for gaming, movies, tv etc. Further, personal audio such as through the headphone jack is well controlled even with sharp volume increases.

For $129 though, you can’t expect the best in the business, particularly as it lacks a subwoofer for that extra kick. There are rear facing tubes which help with the bass, but it could do with a sub.

Although, for the price range, it does incredibly well to provide a balanced set of speakers that don’t take up too much desk space and can connect to multiple devices easily and effortlessly. It’s unique styling makes them appealing and separates them from other bland competitors.

See our unboxing and first impressions video: