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EPOS ADAPT 360 unbox & review

Apart from Bose, Sony and Beats, there are other players in the headphone game.  Enter Sennheiser & EPOS. If you’re wondering what EPOS is all about, here is the run down from their website:
EPOS is not a new industry player – until 2020 we were known as Sennheiser Communications, a company established in 2003 as a joint venture between audio specialist Sennheiser and the world-leading hearing healthcare group, Demant. In 2020, Sennheiser and Demant saw great opportunity in focusing their attention on different business segments, each with independent, end-to-end responsibility. As such, both parties amicably agreed to conclude the joint venture and evolve the business segments into different setups: EPOS and Sennheiser.
EPOS and Sennheiser continue to cooperate whenever synergies and opportunities exist. Alongside EPOS branded audio and video solutions, we continue to sell co-branded EPOS I SENNHEISER products under a trade license agreement with Sennheiser.

Now with the history out of the way, let’s get right into the ADAPT 360! This is an over-ear bluetooth headset with active noise cancelling, high quality stereo, dual mics and plenty more. The ADAPT 360 offers an affordable way to obtain a comfortable, noise cancelling headset with high quality sound that can be used for both the office and leisure

Key Features
Concentrate in noisy environments 
Thanks to Active Noise Cancellation that reduces background noise to increase your work focus 

Ensure clear calls with certified solutions 
Certified for Microsoft Teams and optimized for UC 

Switch effortlessly between your favorite devices 
With multi-point connectivity to any two Bluetooth® devices simultaneously 

Enjoy stylish, comfortable design 
On and off work with a contemporary look in black or white and soft, ergonomic ear pads for lasting comfort 

High-quality stereo sound and reliable performance 
Stream stereo music at work or on your commute and benefit from up to 46 hours of battery life

Tech Specs
238 grams Bluetooth 5.0
Charging time: 2.5 hours
Standby time: up to 62 days
Listening time: up to 46 hours (ANC off), up to 30 hours (ANC on)
Talking time: up to 39 hours (ANC off), up to 28 hours (ANC on)
Range: up to 25m/82 feet
Warranty: 2 years
Speaker frequency response: 18Hz to 22,000Hz (-10dB)SPL: 108dB (1kHz/0 dBFS)
Total harmonic distortion: < 0.3%
Microphone type: 2 beam forming MEMS microphones
Microphone frequency: 80 Hz to 8,000 Hz
In the box: ADAPT 360 headset, BTD 800 USB dongle, USB cable with USB-C connector, audio cable (2.5 mm twist lock and 3.5 mm jack plugs), storage pouch, compliance sheet, safety guide

The ADAPT 360 offers a simplistic yet stylish design. It doesn’t need to make a blatant statement to prove its worth. Its over the ear design is comfortable thanks to the ergonomic ear pads that add noise dampening and long-lasting comfort.

Having worn these headphones in different settings, they are certainly one of the more comfortable headsets given their light weight, comfortable cushioning and soft touch on the head. Even on long commutes, I have not found these headphones to be burdensome like others that tend to become uncomfortable after prolonged use.

The ADAPT 360 can also fold conveniently and easily to be stored away in tight spaces. It is durable and extremely versatile making it a solid headset that I won’t be worried will break easily.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of the ADAPT 360 is its ability to act as a commuting headset, music/leisure headset and also act perfectly as a working headset.

The ADAPT 360 has a speaker frequency response of 18Hz to 22,000Hz (-10dB). Its SPL or sound pressure level is limited by EPOS ActiveGard 108dB (1kHz/0 dBFS).

When utilising the headset for communicating, you are presented with clear audio and even clearer mics – there are two beamforming MEMS microphones that I highly recommend if you want to be the clearest sounding colleague on that Zoom call.

For music and gaming, the ADAPT 360 also performs exceptionally well. The low range is punchy but not too obnoxious, the mids and highs are also sharp yet defined. I am impressed with how this headset performs with music and gaming as opposed to just communicating.

It has less than 0.3% for its harmonic distortion. It also comes with an extremely solid ANC or Active Noise Cancellation feature.  On the train, it works excellently to cancel out surrounding noise and allow you to sit in your peaceful, silent bubble.

The buttons on the ADAPT 360 are easy enough once you get the hang of their uses.  See below the image to show you each of the functions. Skipping songs, changing volume level, turning on/off ANC is all simple with the on board buttons. And it’s a nice touch by EPOS to have different ‘types’ of buttons and different sizes to be easily distinguishable.

Charging with USB-C is also welcoming, charges quite quickly and offers a considerably lengthy battery. Almost 50 hours without ANC is remarkable and after testing, we came quite close to this. Even 30 hours with ANC activated is incredible as it can last several weeks of daily commuting use.

There is also the option to receive a bluetooth dongle and easy integration with Microsoft Teams making it suitable for that busy corporate lifestyle.

Wrapping up
The ADAPT 360 is a simple to use, comfortable and reliable headset that offers seamless integration between devices, dual microphones, ANC, long battery life, comfortable padding and plenty more.

This headset works perfectly for the commuter, communicator, listener and gamer. Its versatility is impressive along with its durability and comfort.
If you are looking for an office headset, headphones for music, or better yet if you’re after something that can do it all, then the ADAPT 360 headphones are right for you.