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LaCie Portable SSD 2TB Review

LaCie’s Portable SSD is an extremely light, sleek and impressive external storage solution. The compact SSD utilises the latest generation of USB-C technology with incredibly transfer speeds and high storage options such as this one (2TB).

The impressive thing about this portable SSD is how nimble it is, whilst maintaining incredible durability features. This device is only 82 grams and 9mm thick, but is drop resistant up to 2 metres! No more dropping your old hard drive and stressing about whether it’s broken or not.

The dimensions of the new LaCie Portable SSD are:
79mm x 9.1mm x 93.5mm

The LaCie features USB 3.0 and USB-C as it also comes in the box with a USB-C to USB-A cable to be able to insert it into any pre-2018 computer. We were really happy to a USB-A to USB-C cable right in the box should you need it. An adapter would have worked as well, but it all returns the same result.

This drive comes in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB options, with the 2TB option coming in at around $729.00.

The drive is aimed at those looking to use an easy and portable backup solution (a really portable solution given how small it is) as well incredible speeds. The drive is compatible with both Windows and MAC and offers backup options including syncing files across multiple devices.

This drive also comes with a few extra goodies:
– 1 month Adobe Creative Cloud – the full suite ($79.49 value)
– Seagate’s rescue recovery services

You will also get 3 years limited warranty by Seagate which is absolutely incredible. This is the type of warranty we want to see. Seagate also provides 2 years of rescue data recovery services. This is all very impressive and we are happy to see these services provided with these products

The LaCie Portable SSD is designed beautifully. The charcoal black finish with red trim accent is sleek and pleasing to to hold. There is also an indicator light as per usual and the standard regulatory compliances, serial number/part number and capacity on the back.

Performance wise, we utilised the the BlackMagic disk speed test on a current generation iMac as well as a 2MB sequential test on a current model Lenovo Thinkpad laptop for Windows testing and for comparison purposes.

For comparison purposes, the LaCie Portable SSD will be compared to our recently reviewed Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Touch 2TB, as well as the Samsung Portable SSD T5.

In BlackMagic we recorded the following speeds:
LaCie Portable SSD: 515.1MB/s read and 475.5MB/s write
Samsung Portable SSD T5: 493.8MB/s read and 462.1MB/s write
Backup Plus Ultra Touch: 125.3MB/s read and 124MB/s write
LaCie Portable SSD: 455.9MB/s read and 442.6MB/s write
Samsung Portable SSD T5: 435.2MB/s read and 419.4MB/s write
Backup Plus Ultra Touch: 120.5MB/s read and 118.6MB/s write

The LaCie quoted up to 540MB/s which it almost reached. But more importably, look at those improvements over the traditional hard drive. Almost 4x increase in speed.

Overall, the new LaCie Portable SSD is incredibly portable whilst still boasting huge performance figures. It is durable, lightweight, and offers great storage choices with 500GB, 1TB and 2TB. LaCie and Seagate continue doing so well with great warranties and services provided. This SSD will make many people happy, especially if they are moving from a traditional hard drive.