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Jaybird X4 wireless earphones review

Jaybird is one of the more unique brands out there that specialises in wireless earphones, particularly those invested in taking their headphones for a run, or to the gym and so on.

Jaybird is owned by Logitech and together they offer affordable yet feature packed earphones with modern designs/colours and durability as standard.

At just 14 grams, the X4’s are so light that you will forget you’re carrying them in your pocket. For the amount of features they have, it’s unreal how light these are, which is exactly what you want from a pair of wireless sport earphones.

When they’re in your ears, their small form factor help deliver a listening experience that most people will find comfortable for hours.

The tail end of the X4’s comfort comes courtesy of the Jaybird’s inclusion of three different sizes of silicone ear caps and three different sizes of silicone ear fins to help keep the X4 in your ears, with small, medium and large sizes.

Jaybird uses a soft silicone for these ear caps and fins, and wearing them feels similar to Bose’s comfy earbuds. So long as you like in ear headphones!

For active users, Jaybird’s silicone caps allow enough environmental noise to reach your ears for a decent amount of situational awareness.

If you don’t plan on using these for exercise, the earbuds also ship with two pairs of Comply’s super comfortable foam ear tips.

The X4 comes in a black/fluro yellow colour scheme. It’s also possible to score a set of these earbuds in blue and grey or metallic green. No matter which you opt for, they look neat: matte finishes, simple branding, and flat connective cabling gives them a premium appearance.

The X4’s feature an in-line module containing the earphones’ battery, microphones, and controls – three buttons for volume, play/pause, and next/previous track. The middle button is also a power button.

These earphones can pair with two devices simultaneously, such as an iPhone and an iPad. The X4’s connectivity is flawless with my audio source sitting next to me while I listened to music, and it remained acceptable up to 3-4 metres away (with no barriers).

The X4 come with an IPX7 rating, meaning that they can be fully submerged in up to 1-metre of water for at least 30 minutes. This would be safe for rain running, or sweat in the gym and then a rinse down after with no dramas.

Charging is undertaken with a special Jaybird charging clip, more waterproofing means less ports to charge with and access.

Jaybird claims the X4 should provide 8 hours of runtime. Connecting the earbuds to their charging clip for 10 minutes will get you another 60 minutes of runtime. These figures are fairly accurate depending on how loud you want your music, but 8+ hours was fairly standard for us.

You’ll find it difficult to buy a pair of Bluetooth earphones that perform better for this price.

While wearing either the included silicone ear tips or Comply foam tips, the X4 provides plenty of bass, vocals and crisp high ends.

Jaybird also has its free MySound iOS app which lets you tweak the equalizer to suit your audio preferences. Once you’ve created a sound profile you like, you can save it and share it with Jaybird’s other users while continuing to experiment with new EQ settings. Jaybird also has presets on the app to make things easy for you.

The mic could have improved as I had to hold it next to my mouth as I spoke, but only a minor complaint here.

Offering a snug fit, great waterproofing. and pleasing, adaptable audio at a reasonable price, the Jaybird X4 wireless sports earphones are a great choice for anyone looking for a new pair of Bluetooth earbuds that they can take anywhere, use anywhere, not worry about size and still get plenty of features out of it.

See our unboxing and first impressions video here: