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i500 TWS 1:1 Earbuds Airpod Clones review

Before we begin, we would like to acknowledge Podsbay for assisting us with this review and providing the i500 TWS. Check them out at:

The i500 TWS provide a suitable alternative to forking out several hundred dollars for Apple Airpods and provide plenty of features to justify the purchase, making the savings well worth your while.

Some of the features listed on the Podsbay website include:
– Siri capability
– Wireless charging case
– Improved battery life of 4-4/5 hours
– Accurate battery levels for L/R earbuds and case
– H1 chip
– In ear sensor to play/pause music when removed from ear
– Ability to use earbuds independently or together
– iOS popup window to show battery levels for the L/R earbuds and case
– 24 hour battery life from charging case
– 1:1 dimensions
– Pair with all bluetooth enabled devices

Podsbay also has a nifty comparison chart to help you compare other models:


Starting with the design we have to note that, although they are a copy of the Airpods, these earphones still maintain a luxurious feel, with the classic immaculate white color and a touch-friendly surface.

Podsbay also offers a black option which still feel super slick and luxurious, but are obviously not as appealing as the white which mimic Apple’s famous white airpod colour scheme.

Once unpacked from the box we will witness the wireless charge case, in both cases, they areย white with a minimalist design,ย both made with ABS material, making them durable whilst still feeling light.

The i500 TWS weigh in at 46 grams, have a brushed steel plate to open the case and most importantly: offer that addictive “click” that you get with Airpods when you open and close the case (the important stuff right).


Some of the audio features include noise reduction, HD call, separation of left and right channels. Also, the in-ear sensor to automatically detect and pause any music or playback you are listening to once the headphones are removed.

This worked incredibly well and within a second of taking out one earphone, the music would pause, and then resume as soon as it is inserted back into the ear. It worked like a charm!

The audio in the i500 TWS’s sounds great, with crips mids and clear highs whilst still offering plenty of bass for your EDM listening desires. We have tested these for hours on end since receiving them and have been impressed with how well they have performed and genuinely give the Airpods a run for their money.

Connection & Battery

The i500 TWS offer a range of up to 12 metres thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 and this was fairly accurate for a line of sight view, obviously this figure drops with walls and barriers.

The connection is super simple to set up: you open the case and it shows up on nearby devices, hold the button on the back of the charging case and voila, you’re good to go!

Connection is even simpler once it has been paired. Simply open the charging case and take the i500’s out to use. By the time you put them in your ear, your device will have already connected to the i500’s, it’s as simple as that!

The i500’s claim battery life of 4-4.5 hours of use. We found this to be fairly accurate, which takes the i500’s to the top of the pack in the wireless earbud market with incredible battery life. Battery life decreases the lower the audio is played, but on around 60-70%, we were able to hit 4 hours!

The charging case takes 1 hour to charge and offers another 24 hours worth of playback time, thanks to its 300mAh battery inbuilt, along with the 33mAh inside each earbud.


The i500 TWS provides users an unreal opportunity to grab a high quality pair of wireless earbuds that have all the features that the top of the line brands offer, but at a fraction of the price.

We were seriously impressed with how well the i500’s performed and for the price, you can’t go wrong. Check them out on Podsbay and you won’t regret it!

See our video of the i500 TWS